Pending crochet booties for Kyxin

3 Jul

Dear Kyxin,

How are you? Are you feeling better today, I was told that you were having flu and cough, probably due to teeth growing. Hope you are recovering. You have your two little teeth grown, looking forward to see your pictures with your two little teeth showing. Haven’t seen your latest pictures on FB for a week, maybe your mother is too busy taking care of you. Thank god you are well taken care, I wish I can be there, please stay strong and healthy always.

Tell you something, mommy was staying up whole night trying to make a pair of booties for your little six month feet. I am trying to guess the right size of your feet. It turned out each side of the booties has a different size, one side bigger than another. I will need to redo, dumb dumb mommy. Don’t worry, I will work harder, make sure it will fit your pretty feet perfectly.

Mommy miss you. There’s nothing much I can do for you. You will be turning six month coming Monday, exactly same day as your older brother turning 4. I wish he knows about you, I am sure your ah B “ko ko” will love you and pamper you. Your wen wen “jie jie” will also love you too. We all love you, please stay happy, healthy and confident always.

With all my love,

Booties I made for you.. Pending to perfection…






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